Core A.I.M.™ Coaching Foundation Series

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Our goal is to become more proactive. In order to do this we must connect and educate coaches that are working with grass root athlete to be able to work on teaching proper foundational movement patterns from the start. This process will make the athletes journey far more efficient and lined up for success than our current process which is very reactive in nature. In the series of units we deliver important, relevant information to coaches that can help enhance their athletes.

The units connect coaches to relevant research, give practical tips for implementation and bring coaches up to speed on some very key factors that they need to develop a high level of awareness in allowing them to help their growing athletes to succeed.

Unit #1- The Journey of Youth Sport & Our Role in The Game

Unit #2- A Systematic Approach to Youth Athlete Management 

Unit #3- The Core A.I.M.™ Foundational Screen

Unit #4- How You, As a Coach, Can Help Your Athletes Establish Their A.I.M.

Unit #5- Helping Your Athlete Navigate the Storm of Growth & Maturation

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