Core A.I.M.™ Practitioner Foundation Series.

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Core A.I.M.™ Practitioner Foundational Series

This program was developed to stimulate connection of the medical and youth sporting communities. Core A.I.M.™ is an education resource that is evidence based targeting the growing athlete to provide support for them and try and ensure a life long participation in sport. Together we want to connect, challenge and elevate youth athlete development.

This program consists of the following units.

Unit 1- The Journey of Youth Sport & Our Role in The Game.

Unit 2- Core A.I.M. ™ A systematic approach to youth athlete management

Unit 3- Core A.I.M. ™ The Foundational Screen

Unit 4- Orthopaedic Mobility Assessment

Unit 5- Core A.I.M.™ Significance of the Orthopaedic Mobility Assessment

Unit 6- Core A.I.M.™ The Science of Motor Learning

Unit 7- Core A.I.M.™ The Systematic Art of Exercise Prescription

After taking this certification program it is our hope that you have gathered knowledge in the area of the growing youth athlete. That you feel equipped with tools such as the G.R.O.W.T.H. framework and the Foundational Screen to elevate and increase your confidence when managing the growing athlete. That you challenge yourself to grow in your thought process around exercise prescription and delivery with regards to motor learning to truly enhance your athletes movement capabilities in the clinic and most importantly on the playing field.

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