"In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic"

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Host: Greg Bay Episode 5: Connecting the Clinic to the Court with Danielle “Dani” Langford



BBack to Basics.

In a world of trends It is important to scale things back to the basic principles of science and its foundations. No matter how high the stakes are or the level of pressure that surround any given situation try and stay focused on the basics. It can be easy getting lost in the accessory details and the surrounding stressor.  Stay focused and break things down to the basics.

U – Utilization of Skill Set 

This involves an understanding and knowledge of what your skill set is. Knowing what your strengths and weakness are is important for every professional. What are your strengths and how can you best contribute to a team. As a leader, knowing your teammates and what their skill sets are, is imperative to optimizing your team’s performance. Leaders bring out the best in people; they make people better by empowering and utilizing team members’ skills.

I – Identity

Identity is what makes you unique. It is what you bring to the table that differentiates you from everyone else in your profession. It is what makes you special. What is your niche? How are are you going to make a difference?

L- Longevity

Longevity occurs with having a strong identity. Lasting the test of time and not being a trend that fades with time.


Diversity is the ability to adapt, identity over time and across varying professions and demographics. in order to apply your skill set.