Dani Langford

Dani Langford is the co-founder of Core A.I.M and developer of the SWEAT Stance™ System.  She graduated with a Master in Physiotherapy degree from Curtin University in 2008. In addition to 12 years of physiotherapy experience, she has her CSCS certification and Clinical Pilates training, all tools she uses for movement training. Dani has worked at Fortius Sport and Health for 6 years where she works with both youth developing athletes and professional athletes. Dani has a passion for working with athletes to help them play the sport they love for as long as they want to.

Dani was a former basketball player, representing Canada on the junior national team and university games team. Following that, she assistant coached at SFU. Dani’s history in sport as a player, coach and now physiotherapist provides her with a unique understanding of the challenges athletes face and their needs for success. Her goal is to connect to the community allowing physiotherapy education and services to become more proactive vs reactive on an athlete’s journey. 


Courtney Gerwing

Courtney Gerwing is an Australian-trained physiotherapist with an interest in athletes and youth. Her drive to develop movement quality and efficiency stems from vast experience as an athlete and coach. 

Originally a multi-sport athlete, Courtney chose to focus on basketball. After a three-time National Championship career at Simon Fraser University, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Her desire to mentor others, and elevate high-performance athletes led her to coaching, both at the University and College levels for many years. Throughout this time, she continued to cultivate her strength and conditioning skills as a registered Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the NSCA. Courtney’s desire to help each individual athlete reach their full potential expands beyond just the court.  

In returning to Canada, she connected with Dani and is passionate about the opportunity to get pro-active in the development of young athletes through the SWEAT Stance™ System Dani has developed. With her varying background in sport, and her current focus on biomechanics, Courtney is excited to help empower the next generation of athletes. 

Dani Langford is a PT with a special gift! She is a passionate, caring health care professional who treats the patient not just the ailment. She is imaginative, inquisitive, creative, and has the innate ability to get to the source of a problem. As a former national level team athlete she brings the burning desire to succeed and win no matter how great the challenge

Alex McKechnie PT VP, Player Health and Performance Toronto Raptors Basketball Club​

We are very excited to welcome Courtney Gerwing to the SWEAT Stance™ Team. Courtney, as a very good athlete, excelled at several sports growing up.  She could have played university in softball, volleyball or basketball.  She chose basketball and won three national championships while at Simon Fraser University. Her excellence in the class, on the court and in the community was recognized as she was the recipient of the 2008-09 Sylvia Sweeney Award for the best student athlete in the country. Courtney’s desire to excel in all she does, makes her an exciting addition. I am very excited to have Courtney as a physio colleague to launch the SWEAT Stance™ System.

Dani Langford