SWEAT Stance

“SWEAT Stance is a cue you can feel, a term that stimulates the intention to work”


Being a former athlete, I used cues and reminders all the time in sport. Coaches, captains and teammates all cue to remind themselves. Sport psychologists encourage the use of key words to help refocus attention, and to forget or park negative thoughts and feelings. As a physiotherapist working on movement with athletes of all ages and all levels, I know that having a teaching tool as a reminder to stay active is important as well. Whether it be returning from injury or a young athlete working on their foundations, a term that you understand, feel, and are motivated by can help your movement and performance.

SWEAT Stance was developed to help people feel work and understand an active athletic stance. It was developed by a former player, coach and now physiotherapist. It was developed for coaches and players to use as a reminder. It can be felt in triple threat stance, defensive stance, ready stance, etc. SWEAT Stance is dynamic. It needs to be felt in various positions and movement foundations. It involves physically and cognitively connecting to an intention. It helps athletes engage with the floor. 

Being in SWEAT Stance encourages central core muscle activation. It is dynamic and helps to encourage an athlete to become more efficient in their movement via proper muscle sequencing. Utilization and understanding of SWEAT Stance works synergistically with teaching. Proper sequencing can be a powerful tool to teach and help retention of proper integrated athletic movement.

  • Symmetrical
  • Weight
  • Efficient
  • Active Adaptable
  • Tension